Abbas Kiarostami

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Rain series n.3
Canvas print
103,5 x 153,5 cm
Edition of 2

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Abbas Kiarostami (22 June 1940 – 4 July 2016) is an internationally acclaimed Iranian film director, screenwriter, photographer and film producer. An active filmmaker since 1970, Kiarostami has been involved in over forty films, including shorts and documentaries. Kiarostami attained critical acclaim for directing the Koker Trilogy (1987–94), Taste of Cherry (1997), and The Wind Will Carry Us (1999). Kiarostami has worked extensively as a screenwriter, film editor, art director and producer and has designed credit titles and publicity material. He is also a poet, photographer, painter, illustrator, and graphic designer. Kiarostami is part of a generation of filmmakers in the Iranian New Wave, a Persian cinema movement that started in the late 1960s and includes pioneering directors such as Forough Farrokhzad, Sohrab Shahid Saless, Mohsen Makhmalbaf, Bahram Beizai, and Parviz Kimiavi. The filmmakers share many common techniques including the use of poetic dialogue and allegorical storytelling dealing with political and philosophical issues. Kiarostami has a reputation for using child protagonists, for documentary style narrative films, for stories that take place in rural villages, and for conversations that unfold inside cars, using stationary mounted cameras. He is also known for his use of contemporary Iranian poetry in the dialogue, titles, and themes of his films.

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- Exhibitions
  • 2019

    Life as Art. Abbas Kiarostami, Berkeley Art Museum, Berkeley, CA

  • 2018

    Abbas Kiarostami. Der Wind wird uns tragen. Fotografie und Film - Museum Pfalzgalerie Kaiserslautern, Kaiserlautern

  • 2016

    Abbas Kiarostami - CerModern, Ankara

  • 2015

    Abbas Kiarostami - Doors Without Keys - AGA Khan Museum, Toronto, ON
    Abbas Kiarostami - The Wall - Photographica FineArt Gallery, Lugano

  • 2013

    Abbas Kiarostami - Stille Und Bewegte Bilder - Kunstsammlungen Chemnitz, Chemnitz
    Photographs from the Snow Series - Rossi & Rossi Ltd, London
    Abbas Kiarostami - Videos und Fotografien - Museum Wiesbaden, Wiesbaden

  • 2012

    Abbas Kiarostami - Situation Kunst, Bochum

  • 2011

    Abbas Kiarostami: The Walls - Pari Nadimi Gallery, Toronto, ON

  • 2010

    The Walls - Galerie de France, Paris

  • 2009

    Abbas Kiarostami - Purdy Hicks Gallery, London
    Abbas Kiarostami: Trees and Crows - Meem Gallery, Dubai

  • 2008

    Snow White - Abbas Kiarostami - Rossana Ciocca Arte Contemporanea, Milan

  • 2007

    Abbas Kiarostami - Photographs and Film - Daytona Beach Community College, Daytona Beach, FL
    Abbas Kiarostami - Image Maker - MoMA PS1, New York City, NY

  • 2006

    Abbas Kiarostami - The Guangdong Museum of Art, Guangzhou, Guangdong
    Abbas Kiarostami - The Stenersen Museum, Oslo
    Abbas Kiarostami - Una poética de lo real - MALBA Colección Costantini - Museo de Arte Latinoamericano de Buenos Aires, Buenos Aires
    World Tour/China: Abbas Kiarostami - Shanghai Art Museum, Shanghai

  • 2004

    The Roads of Abbas Kiarostami - MMCA Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki
    Abbas Kiarostami - Galerie de France, Paris

  • 2002

    Sleepers - Museo de Bellas Artes de Bilbao, Bilbao
    The Paradise [7] Abbas Kiarostami - The Douglas Hyde Gallery, Dublin
    Abbas Kiarostami - Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York City, NY

  • 2001

    Abbas Kiarostami - vidéo et photographies - Galerie de France, Paris
    Abbas Kiarostami - fotografische Arbeiten - Kunst-Werke Berlin - KW Institute for Contemporary Art , Berlin

  • 2000

    Abbas Kiarostami - Andrea Rosen Gallery, New York City, NY

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