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Anton Zoran Music (1909 – 2005) was born in Gorizia, city that was than under the Austro-Hungarian Empire. In 1922 he followed the family in Austria, where he produced his first drawings. Between 1930 and 1935 he attended the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, as pupil of the painter Ljuba Babic. The same year, after having finished his studies, he stayed in Madrid and Toledo. The following year he resides in Dalmatia. Participates in two group exhibitions in Zagreb and Ljubljana (1941-1942).
In 1944, the SS arrested and deported him to Dachau. In April of 1945 he is free and 1946 he moves to Venice in. In this period he worked hard and began to sell his works in prestigious collections such as the Countess Pecci-Blunt and Princess Caetani. He often stays in Switzerland, especially in Zurich and executes the first lithographs (1948). In 1948 he exhibited for the first time at the Venice Biennale. In September 1949, married Ida Cadorin-Barbarigo.

Along with Corpora, he gains the Paris Prize for Painting (1951) and exposed at the Galerie de France in Paris (1952), with which he signs a contract that allows him to settle in the French city (1953). It is known in New York (1953-1954), London and took part in the Quadrennial with a solo (1955). Gets the Graphics Prize at the International Venice Biennale (1956), Biennale of Ljubljana (1957) and the UNESCO Prize at the Venice Biennale (1960). Meanwhile, increases the activity of an engraver and, later, a lithographer.

In 1962 published the complete catalog of his drawings from 1947 to 1961.

- Exhibitions
  • 2019

    Zoran Music - Gallery Novak, Ljubljana

  • 2018

    Gallery Lorenzelli Arte, Milano
    Zoran Music. Poetry of Silence. Leopold Museum, Vienna
    SPRING AT PALAZZO FORTUNY. THE ZURIGO ROOM. A tribute to Zoran Music - Fortuny Palace, Venezia

  • 2017

    Zoran Music - Galerie Ditesheim & Maffei, Neuchâtel
    Zoran Music - Galleria d’arte Maggiore, Bologna

  • 2016

    Zoran Mušič (1909–2005), From the Ljuban, Milada and Vanda Mušič Collection – National Gallery of Slovenia, Ljubljana
    ZORAN MUSIC. LA COLLEZIONE BRAGLIA - Fondazione Gabriele e Anna Braglia, Lugano

  • 2012

    Zoran Music Brafa 2012 - Tours Et Taxis, Bruxelles. - Galerie Claude Bernard, Paris
    Zoran Music - Galerija Haos, Beograd
    Zoran Music. Se questo è un uomo - Palazzo Leone da Perego, Legnano

  • 2011

    Zoran Music: Selected works - Galleria Torbandena, Trieste
    Adriatica - Ca’ Pesaro, Galleria Internazionale d’Arte Moderna, Venice

  • 2010

    Zoran Music in Slovene private collections IV - Galerija Zala, Ljubljana
    Zoran Music - Galerie Claude Bernard, Paris
    Zoran Music - Galerija RTS, Beograd
    Zoran Music - Galerija „Arte“, Beograd
    Zoran Music - Palazzo Franchetti, Venice

  • 2009

    Zoran Mušič in public and private collections in Slovenia - Moderna galerija Ljubljana, Ljubljana
    Zoran Music, Apprendre à regarder la mort comme un soleil - Monastère royal de Brou, Bourg-en-Bresse
    Zoran Music - Pinturas y Dibujos - Oriol Galeria d'Art, Barcelona
    Zoran Music Zum 100. Geburtstag - Galerie Welz, Salzburg
    Zoran Antonio Mušič - 100 works for 100 years - MMSU - Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art Rijeka, Rijeka
    A Spanish Vision - A Documentary Exhibition on the 100th Anniversary of the Birth of Zoran Mušič - National Gallery of Slovenia, Ljubljana
    Zoran Music, Drawings From Slovene private collections III - Galerija Zala, Ljubljana
    Zoran Music. Estreme figure - Palazzo Franchetti, Venice

  • 2008

    Zoran Music, In Slovene Private Collections II, Grafics - Galerija Zala, Ljubljana
    Zoran Music. Opere su carta. - Galleria Torbandena, Trieste
    De Dachau a Venecia, Fundació Caixa Catalunya, Barcelona

  • 2007

    Zoran Mušič - Meditationen über die Vergänglichkeit - Aus der Sammlung Großhaus - MMK Museum Moderner Kunst - Stiftung Wörlen, Passau
    Fondazione la Caixa, Casa Pedrera, Barcelona.
    Rocca Sforzesca, Dozza.

  • 2006

    Zoran Music - Works from Slovene private collections - Galerija Zala, Ljubljana
    Zoran Music - huiles et oeuvres sur papier - Galerie Ditesheim, Neuchâtel
    Hommage a Zoran Music - A + A Centro Espositivo Sloveno, Venice
    Zoran Music, Dal buio, Ricordo di Zoran Music, - Museo Morandi, Bologna

  • 2005

    Zoran Music - Opere scelte - Galleria Torbandena, Trieste
    "Piccole carte", Biblioteca Civica, Gorizia
    The Valencia Institute of Modern Art, Valencia

  • 2003

    Zoran Music - Musée Jenisch, Vevey
    Attems Palace, Gorizia

  • 2002

    Zoran Music. Opere su carta 1984 - 1995 - Galleria Torbandena, Trieste
    An Artist's Response to Evil - We Are Not the Last by Zoran Music - The Jewish Museum, New York City, NY

  • 2001

    Non siamo gli ultimi - Galleria Torbandena, Trieste
    Galerie Jan Krugier & Dietesheim, Geneve.

  • 2000

    Zoran Music - Galerie Stefan Röpke, Cologne
    Zoran Music - Galería Arnés + Röpke, Madrid

  • 1999

    Zoran Music - Papierarbeiten - Galerie Chobot, Vienna
    Zoran Music - Bildern, Aquarellen, Gouachen, Zeichnungen und Radierungen - Galerie Schmücking, Braunschweig
    La donazione di Zoran Music al Museo Morandi - Museo Morandi, Bologna
    ZORAN MUSIC. DEVETDESETA OBLETNICA ROJSTVA - Moderna galerija Ljubljana, Ljubljana
    Zoran Music - Sammlung Essl - Kunsthaus, Klosterneuburg

  • 1998

    Zoran Mušič - grafike iz zbirke Moderne galerije v Ljubljani - Pilonova Galerija, Ajdovscina
    Zoran Music - Gli acquerelli veneziani - 1917-1949 - Museo Morandi, Bologna

  • 1997

    Zoran Music - works drawn from the Moderna Galerija collections - Moderna galerija Ljubljana, Ljubljana
    Music - corps et visages : œuvres sur papier - Galerie Marwan Hoss, Paris

  • 1988

    Zoran Music - Galerie Eugen Lendl, Graz

  • 1978

    Zoran Music - Henie Onstad Art Centre, Høvikodden

  • 1969

    Antonio Music - Grosvenor Gallery, London

  • 1967

    Antonio Music - Galleria del Naviglio, Milan

  • 1966

    Zoran Music - Kunstverein Freiburg, Freiburg

  • 1964

    Music - Galerie Handschin, Basel
    Zoran Music - Galerie de France, Paris

  • 1961

    Music - Galerie Charles Lienhard, Zurich

  • 1960

    Music - Galerie de France, Paris

  • 1955

    Music - Galleria del Naviglio, Milan

  • 1948

    Zoran Music - Galleria del Cavallino, Venice

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