Fausto Melotti

- Selected Work

1966 ca.
Pencil on paper
31.2 x 23.3 cm
COA by Archivio Fausto Melotti

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- Selected Works
- Biography

(Rovereto 1915 – Milano 1986)

Born in 1915, Fausto Melotti moved with his family to Florence where he completed his secondary education. In 1924 he graduated in electrical engineering at the Polytechnic of Milan, but in parallel to scientific studies, he studied music and became interested in sculpture, attending the studio of sculptor Pietro Canonica in Turin. He enrolled at the Brera Academy, where he studied under Adolf Wildt, and there he graduated in 1928. During these years he began his long association with Lucio Fontana, who will last until the latter’s death. In 1935, makes explicit his membership to the group of abstract artists in Milan taking part in the first group exhibition of abstract art in the study of Casorati and Paulucci in Turin and exhibiting at the Galleria del Milione in Milan. In 1936 he exhibited twelve large specimens of the Componente Uomo at the Milan Triennale. His first solo has no success in Italy, instead he receives due consideration in France and Switzerland. He lives for two years in Rome (1941-1943), drawing and writing poems that John Scheiwiller publish in 1944 under the title Il Triste Minotauro. After the war he devoted himself to ceramics. The exhibition of 1967 at the Galleria Toninelli in Milan offered a new time his name to public attention. From that moment, he starts a series of exhibitions in Italy and abroad that will quickly lead to success. He received numerous awards and retrospectives in his honor multiply.

- Exhibitions
  • 2019

    Fausto Melotti. Counterpoint - Estorick Collection of Modern Italian Art, London
    Fausto Melotti: Works from the Olnick Spanu Collection - Consulate General of Italy in New York

  • 2018

    Fausto Melotti. Sul disegno On Drawing - Galleria Tonelli, Milano
    Fausto Melotti. The Deserted City - Hauser & Wirth, New York
    Fausto Melotti - Galleria Monica De Cardenas, Zuoz

  • 2017

    Fausto Melotti. Trappolando - De Crescenzo & Viesti Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea, Roma
    Fausto Melotti. Eden - Hauser & Wirth, Zürich
    Fausto Melotti e Roma 1937 – 1985 - Fondazione Tito Balestra Onlus – Galleria d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea Castello Malatestiano di Longiano
    Fausto Melotti. Quando la musica diventa scultura - Castello di Miradolo, San Secondo di Pinerolo
    Fausto Melotti poetica dei segni - Museo della Permanente, Milano
    Melotti del rosario - Mesopica vedere vedere, Cernusco Lombardone

  • 2016

    Fausto Melotti - Hauser & Wirth - New York, 69th Street, New York City, NY

  • 2015

    Fausto Melotti - Les Villas des Pins, Monaco

  • 2014

    Fausto Melotti - Galería Elvira González, Madrid
    Fausto Melotti Sculpture & Ceramics - Barbara Mathes Gallery, New York City, NY
    Il Mondo di Fausto Melotti - Galerie Karsten Greve - Paris, Paris

  • 2013

    melotti guarda melotti - Museo Marino Marini, Florence
    Fausto Melotti - Waddington Custot Galleries, London
    Fausto Melotti: Works On Paper And Plaster - Barbara Mathes Gallery, New York City, NY
    Fausto Melotti - Galerie Karsten Greve - Cologne, Cologne
    Fausto Melotti - Il racconto dell'inesprimibile - Laboratorio d'Arte Grafica di Modena, Modena

  • 2012

    Fausto Melotti - Ritmi D'ottone E Fragili Terre - Galleria Il Chiostro Arte Contemporanea, Saronno, VA
    Fausto Melotti nel ritratto degli amici - Museo della Scultura Contemporanea (MUSMA), Matera, MT

  • 2011

    Fausto Melotti - Museo D'Arte Contemporanea Donna Regina - MADRE, Naples
    Fausto Melotti: Sculptures and Ceramics - Barbara Mathes Gallery, New York City, NY
    Fausto Melotti - Kunstmuseum Winterthur, Winterthur

  • 2010

    Akrobat der Moderne - Städtische Kunsthalle Mannheim, Mannheim
    Fausto Melotti - I magnifici sette - Barbara gladstone gallery, New York City, NY

  • 2009

    Fausto Melotti. Carte uniche e rare - Galleria dell'Incisione, Brescia

  • 2008

    Fausto Melotti - Gladstone Gallery - Brussels, Brussels
    I viaggi di Fausto Melotti - La Galleria - Italian Cultural Institute, New York City, NY
    Fausto Melotti - Acquavella Galleries, Inc., New York City, NY
    Fausto Melotti - Galleria Christian Stein, Milan

  • 2006

    Fausto Melotti - Galerie Karsten Greve - Paris, Paris
    Fausto Melotti - Waddington Custot Galleries, London
    Fausto Melotti - opere su carta - Galleria Cristina Busi, Chiavari, GE

  • 2005

    “Fausto Melotti,” Museo Fondazione Luciana Matalon, Milan, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” Galeria Elvira Gonzalez, Madrid
    “Fausto Melotti,” Galerie Karsten Greve, Cologne, Germany

  • 2004

    “Fausto Melotti,” Musée des Arts Contemporains, Grand-Hornu, Hornu, Belgium “Fausto Melotti,” Palazzo Binelli, Carrara, Italy

  • 2003

    “Fausto Melotti,” Museo d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea di Trento e Rovereto, Rovereto, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria Bottega d’Arte, Acqui Terme, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” Amadeo Porro Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Milan, Italy

  • 2002

    “Fausto Melotti,” Il Segno, Rome
    “Fausto Melotti,” Musée Picasso, Antibes, France “Fausto Melotti,” Leo Castelli Gallery, New York

  • 2001

    “Fausto Melotti,” Nicolas Sursock Museum, Beirut “Fausto Melotti,” Carlina Galleria d’Arte, Turin, Italy “Fausto Melotti,” Museo Virgiliano, Virgilio, Italy “Fausto Melotti,” Compagnia di Belle Arti, Milan, Italy

  • 2000

    “Fausto Melotti,” Fondazione Bandera per l’Arte, Busto Arsizio, Italy “Fausto Melotti,” Institut Mathildenhöhe, Darmstadt, Germany “Fausto Melotti,” Museum of Turkish and Islamic Art, Istanbul “Fausto Melotti,” Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum, Duisburg, Germany “Fausto Melotti,” Museo della Permanente, Milan, Italy

  • 1999

    “Fausto Melotti,” Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, Nagoya, Japan
    “Fausto Melotti,” Lawrence Rubin/Greenberg Van Doren Fine Art, New York “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria d’Arte Maggiore, Bologna, Italy

  • 1997

    “Fausto Melotti,” Studio Casoli, Rome

  • 1996

    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria delle Scudo, Verona, Italy

  • 1995

    “Fausto Melotti,” Whanki Museum, Seoul “Fausto Melotti,” Forni Scultura, Bologna, Italy

  • 1994

    “Fausto Melotti,” Paolo Baldacci Gallery, New York
    “Fausto Melotti,” IVAM Centro Julio Gonzàlez, Valencia, Spain

  • 1991

    “Fausto Melotti,” Villa Arconati, Bollate, Italy “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria Tega, Milan, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria delle Scudo, Verona, Italy “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria Eva Menzio, Turin, Italy

  • 1990

    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria di Meo, Paris
    “Fausto Melotti,” Palazzo Fortuny, Venice, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” Museo Cantonale d’Arte, Lugano, Switzerland “Fausto Melotti,” Kodama Gallery, Osaka, Japan

  • 1989

    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria Civica Palazzo Todeschini, Desenzano del Garde, Italy

  • 1988

    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria d’Arte Il Cenacolo, Trento, Italy

  • 1987

    “Fausto Melotti,” Padiglione d’Arte Contemporanea, Milan, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” Chiese rupestri Madonna delle Virtù e San Nicola dei Greci, Palazzo Lanfranchi, Matera, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” Elisabeth Franck Gallery, Knokke-Le-Zoute, Belgium

  • 1986

    “Fausto Melotti,” La Sanseverina Galleria d’Arte, Parma, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” Marie-Louise Janneret Art Moderne, Geneva, Switzerland

  • 1985

    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria d’Arte Martano, Turin, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” Gallerie dell’Accademia, Venice, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” Frankfurter Westend Galerie, Frankfurt, Germany

  • 1984

    “Fausto Melotti,” Studio d’Arte Contemporanea Dabbeni, Lugano, Switzerland

  • 1983

    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria Pancheri, Rovereto, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria San Luca, Bologna, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria Nazionale d’Arte Moderna, Rome

  • 198

    “Fausto Melotti,” Galerie Lopes, Zurich, Switzerland
    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria d’Arte Martano, Turin, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” L’Arco, Studio Internazionale d’Arte Grafica, Rome

  • 1981

    “Fausto Melotti,” Musée des Beaux-Arts, La Chaux-de-Fonds, France “Fausto Melotti,” Forte di Belvedere, Florence, Italy

  • 1979

    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria Anna d’Ascanio A2, Rome “Fausto Melotti,” Palazzo Reale, Milan, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” Pero arte contemporanea, Milan

  • 1978

    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria Morone 6, Milan, Italy

  • 1977

    “Fausto Melotti,” Castello del Buonconsiglio, Trento, Italy

  • 1976

    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria Editalia QUI arte contemporanea, Rome
    “Fausto Melotti,” Università di Parma, Sala delle Scuderie in Pilotta, Parma, Italy

  • 1975

    “Fausto Melotti,” Galerie Schmela, Düsseldorf, Germany
    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria La Piramide, Florence, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” Martini Ronchetti Galleria d’Arte Contemporanea, Genoa, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria Beniamino, Sanremo, Italy

  • 1974

    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria dei Bibliofini di Milano, Milan, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” Marlborough Galleria d’Arte, Rome

  • 1973

    “Fausto Melotti,” Marlborough Galerie, Zurich, Switzerland
    “Fausto Melotti,” Marlborough Galleria d’Arte, Rome

  • 1972

    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria Civica d’Arte Moderna, Turin, Italy

  • 1971

    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria Galatea, Turin, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria d’Arte Martano, Turin, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” Museum am Ostwall, Dortmund, Germany
    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria dell’Ariete, Milan, Italy

  • 1968

    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria Il Segno, Rome
    “Fausto Melotti,” Sala Comunale delle Esposizioni, Reggio Emilia, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” Palazzo dei Diamanti, Centro Attivita Visive, Ferrara, Italy
    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria Notizie, Turin, Italy

  • 1967

    “Fausto Melotti,” Toninelli Arte Moderna, Milan, Italy

  • 1960

    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria Apollinaire, Milan, Italy

  • 1957

    “Fausto Melotti,” Galeria de Arte Contemporaneo, Caracas 1956
    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria L’Annunciata, Milan, Italy

  • 1935

    “Fausto Melotti,” Galleria del Milione, Milan, Italy

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