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Maria Pia Morelli, born in Romagna, Venetian by adoption, lives in Bassano del Grappa and has always been divided between business and culture. Graduated in languages ​​with a master in international marketing in the ceramic sector. Together with her ex-husband Paolo Serraiotto in 1988, the year of birth of the only son Massimiliano, she founded the Decoratori Bassanesi tile company.In 2006 she became a journalist-publicist and began writing with Cesare De Michelis patron of Marsilio Editore, publishing two essays “Parole incrociate” and “Raggi di luce rosa”.In 2009 she was elected president of the International Institute for Studies and Research on Canova and the Neo Classicism of Bassano del Grappa which she leads for over seven years.In 2014 she published a first novel with Palombi “Cercava i nidi sugli alberi”. It is part of an anthology ” Io sono il nord-est ” of the writers of the north east, by Apogeo Editore.In 2019 she published a second novel ” Cronaca di una passione argentina “, by Cairo Editore.Creator of the “Agata allegra” brand, she is the author of the series of bilingual Italian / English volumes for children “Agata allegra Mucci”, of which she has also created the illustrations.In July 2020, linked to the publication of the books, an institutional exhibition of drawings painted with mixed techniques, which includes pencil, ink, watercolor, tempera, pastels and glue, started from the Civic Museum of Bassano del Grappa. An exhibition sponsored by municipalities, regions, libraries and hospitals that travels from north to south along Italy with stops at Palazzo Mantegna Cittadella, at the Opera Pia del Carmine Bari, in the Town Hall in Cortina d’Ampezzo, at Palazzo Cordellina Vicenza, at the Bolognini

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