Silvano Repetto e Francesco Vella. L’uovo cosmico – Scritture elettriche e opere scelte

  • Past
  • 16 July - 30 September 2013

De Primi Fine Art of Lugano is pleased to announce the exhibition dedicated to Silvano Repetto and Francesco Vella. A tribute to two well-known Swiss artists from the Canton of Ticino, in a direct confrontation full of meanings and suggestions.

The exhibition will juxtapose some videos of Repetto – videos full of experimentations and research – and the refined images of Vella, always balanced between meaning and signifier, letter and sign, image and symbol. Static and moving images. Primordial, archaic places, and at the same time full of a fascinating and rarefied future. A dense dialogue between two important Swiss artists, wisely balanced between classicism and experimentation, history and the future.

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