Agostino Bonalumi, anthologies and projects 1965-1992

  • Past
  • 10 Novembre - 16 December 2014

Through the exhibition of 21 works, we want to focus on an aspect of the work of Agostino Bonalumi (Vimercate, 1935-2013) still little known and appreciated: his Anthologies and Projects. Studios, “notes”, reflections, researches, not valid only as evidence of planning and transition to other works, but also as self-referential forms, always free and conscious. Molds perfectly prepared and carried out. A work diary intimate and precious; a large notebook of thoughts and projects; mixed media, drawings and watercolors, cards and soft silks finely cut, moveable structures in space, elegant geometry of light, where the happy hand of Bonalumi investigated the endless metamorphosis of form, the borders of the Void and the inexpressible.

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