Alex Katz. Small Paintings

The artistic journey of Alex Katz is characterized by a constant search for simplicity and immediacy of the forms. The human figure and landscapes, his favourite subjects, are purified of their metaphysical and narrative complexity to achieve the pure presence of the instant represented itself, without interpretation. In his work, in fact, we never foundany expressive violence, or social protest or existential concern: Katz likes to present a peaceful and harmonious world through the vision of a moment. Every detail is so fixed ina moment that is perpetuated over time.

Katz, immersed in the American art scene characterized by the dominance of Abstract Expressionism and Pop Art, has been able to develop and remain faithful to a very personal painting style.

The strongly defined lines of the drawings and research component of the two-dimensional, such a contemporary Paul Gauguin, characterize his works. The fresh colors as well as the storng line fascinate the viewer and stimulate the imagination, but the milestone of Katz’s artwork is the search for light (that he wants instantaneous) that is the unifyingelement of all his creations.

This is how the artist’s small paintings stand out strongly in their essentials, like some precious jewels that illuminate the walls.

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