Artan (Shalsi). Thoughts and matters.

  • Past
  • 12 May - 16 June 2017

Artan (Shalsi) (Berat, 1970), Albanian artist living and working in Parma, expresses his abstract and aseptic artistic personality mainly through steel or aluminum works, often of monumental format. The metal molded into rigid or soft forms, polished or glazed, creates a dialogue between the reflected light and the matter. Rhythmic surfaces, geometric reliefs and parallel shimmering keyboards composing a silent vertical Sonata. In other works made with graphite, the artist presents surfaces that are more traditional: light signs, dense traces and rhythmic gestures. Any reference to something human, organic, is again completely sublimated into an ethereal dance. The artist plays with the colour in his monochrome surfaces: an implicit homage to the pure surfaces by Yves Klein and Mark Rothko, but here concentrated and extended in a homogeneity even more rarefied: over the nature, besides man, over the time. A presence, a symbol of a reality purified from any possible transformation and decline. Artan (Shalsi), coming from an academic education, takes his remote inspiration from the forms of the classical sculpture to develop the poetry his sculptural language through contemporary materials, such as stainless steel, aluminum or plastic, creating a work that gathers the classical elegance and the rational contemporary minimalism.

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