Aymone Poletti and Barry Iverson

  • Past
  • 23 June - 9 September 2016

De Primi Fine Art gallery is glad to present the artworks by Aymone Poletti and Barry Iverson from 24 June to 9 September 2016. The photographic image processing and transformation unite both photographs: Iverson with his frequent pictorial touches, Poletti with her interventions using salts and Japanese inks.

Barry Iverson, born in the United States in 1956, has been living in Cairo, Egypt, for many years and is one of the greatest living reporter photographers. For him the art of photography unites documentation and expression. Documentation of a world, the Middle East – a complex hinge of two worlds – particularly troubled, difficult, restless, highly luminous and together deeply troubled, often marked by serious attacks and terrible wars. However, in addition to the documentation of the atrocities of war, Iverson is able to tune its photos in other and different aesthetic expressions, where the unmistakable, very dense oriental colours, transfigure a present but distant pain.

Very different is the path of Aymone Poletti (B. Lugano, Switzerland, 1978): her creative universe, photographic but also pictorial and decorative, is a happily mental world, aimed at discovering new forms, new lights and colours. In the exposed series, original black and white vintage photographs have undergone a boiling and crystallization process with salts and Japanese inks. Through these major changes, Poletti reinvents a small, intimate iconographical place that is above all a place of memory, denting of other fresh, different elements. Landscapes or pictures of yesteryear. Young portraits of our great-grandparents, our ancestors, decorated, affected by these crystals, like mental ice. Images and testimonies of faces, figures, landscapes and things like assaulted by these mineral growths in a completely new combination, where the organic and the vegetal are joint to the inorganic, where the vast melancholy of people who no longer is come together with the explosion of eternal diamonds,  without memories and timeless.


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