CCH. Homage to Spinoza

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  • 18 marzo - 23 aprile 2016

De Primi Fine Art gallery is glad to announce the opening of the exhibition “Homage to Spinoza” of the young artist from Tuscany CCH. The show will be open from March the 18th to April the 23rd 2016. Opening Thursday 17 March 2016 at 6 pm.

Those new works by CCH, dedicated to Spinoza, develop two main themes felt by the artist with Jewish origins: on one hand the large use of the military duct tape, used as colour, line, energy and strength. Already employed on others surfaces – mostly mirrors – in those works in is thought like a thick, solid but well-structured presence which upholster the canvas, a square, in this series strictly regular and geometrical. On the other hand it is increased the topic of ambiguity, of contradiction, of negation, of silence, all fundamental elements in CCH’s philosophy. The work like presence-absence; a shape, an object severely squared, harsh, which is present but, like a silent enigma, it does not say anything and it does not want to say anything. A black square, the elegant colour of negation, the colour of the night, of the abyss, which swallows all the brightness and all the other colours. But, it is also a lyric shape, logical, fair – like the thought of the great Dutch philosopher.

In this way also this majestic, solemn black by CCH, dedicated to Spinoza, is another prove of the God who is hiding, Deus Absconditus (Isaiah, 45, 15), of the unintelligible Creator, of the paradoxical God, that appearing in the miracle of life he denies himself behind the three enormous mysteries: the mystery of death, the mystery of evil, the mystery of pain, that no religion, no philosophy, no saint, no man of wisdom was able to solve – at least in this world. In conclusion, a thought, a shape, a work like a «stubborn crystal: the infinite map of the One who is all His stars. » (Borges). A happy, disturbing, enigmatic presence-absence.

(Text by Paolo Repetto)

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