Florence Henri. Photographs and photomontages, 1928-1938

De Primi Fine Art is pleased to present the exhibition Florence Henri: photographs and photomontages, 1928 -1938. For the occasion we will show twenty works by the artist, some of which have helped to define the concept of “new vision” and become true icons of modernity.

Florence Henri, (1893-1982) was born in New York from a French father and German mother. She was formed in Europe in the international artistic circles; at the beginning, she studied piano and then devote herself to painting and photography.

Women with a strong and unconventional character, is known to be as the artist who used the medium of photography in a new way, moving it away from the realistic photographic image, and elevating its status to a major art. Her photographic creations, always elegant, are the result of continuous research and mise-en-scène. Florence Henri experienced the technique of photomontage, using a variety of lens, the negative printing associated to the positive, the superposition of images, the use of mirrors to distort the perspectives and many other innovative techniques . Thanks to her special approach, his subjects, ranging from portraits to still life, from nude to the landscape, are always original and innovative.

De Primi Fine Art is pleased with this exhibition to pay tribute to the genius of expression and freedom of a woman symbolizing the avant-garde of the twentieth century.

(Immagini © Galleria Martini & Ronchetti, Genova)

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