Giuliana Fresco, come in uno specchio

De Primi Fine Art presents the exhibition of Giuliana Fresco, come in uno specchio (like in a mirror). She is a renowed artist who lives and works in Milan and London. Since the year 1980 she has presented her work in important exhibitions in Italy and abroad.

Giuliana Fresco, with her painting, is looking for a difficult balancing act between abstraction and figuration, form and color, symbol and representation.

In her canvas and paper works we often find a figure (a shape, a head, a face, a symbol of a presence, an identity, a consciousness), that is invaded, overwhelmed, surrounded by large informal turbines. Her paintings bring into the foreground the value of the identity of the person as consciousness, emotion, memory, testimony. A mind that thinks, feels, reflects, a body that loves, breathes, rejoices, suffers. In front of it, the immense mystery of reality: the endless lights of a landscape with nature and inner landscape forever transformed by the turmoil of the forms, signs, colors, like a forest fire. In fact, the paintings speak to us of a fresh encounter, a dialogue, a merger. The diaphragm of the canvas or paper, becomes witness to the most concrete sign of communion between mind and nature and space, and light body.

Great lover of music, Giuliana Fresco knows that everything, at its root, is a mysterious fragment. “The” fragment “suits the way I paint and build” in pieces “a vision. A kind of puzzle of figurative and abstract elements. More and more I realize that my work suggests the form of the polyptych: it’s like adding a new piece I could continue a discourse which I cannot contain in a single canvas. A painting continues in another, the reading moves, the situation is different, it becomes something else. “It ‘a little as a reflection in a mirror, which, from one scene, it suggests another one. Is like entering from a door and coming out from another. ” The scenes of life, made of harmony and contrasts, of darkness and light. The endless doors of the world with their endless possibilities and interpretations, the mirror of Art.

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