Matteo Emery e Enzo Pelli. The breath of light, at the borders of shapes and signs

  • Past
  • 07 July - 26 September 2014

Opening: Sunday 6 July, from 4 p.m. till 9 p.m. on the occasion of OPEN GALLERY #7


Art just crossed the threshold of the twenty-first century, and is multiplying his perspectives, his inventions and his fears. Matteo Emery and Enzo Pelli are local artists, tied to their land and their roots, but always projected into an international horizon.

Deeply passionate to new technological media, photography and video, Matteo Emery (Lugano 1955) identifies his imagination into forms both real and impossible, concrete and visionary. The most diverse and disparate materials – aluminum, rubber, plastic, neon, iron, luminescent fibers and optical fibers, tubes and nails – are used to compose objects and installations of the most evocative and original contemporary art scene.

The itinerary of Enzo Pelli (Lugano 1948) is differentin its being rooted in a tradition of signs and painting rediscovering the symbols, the values and the high liturgy of the calligrapher. The man who writes; the wise manfixingon paperwhat is important: the AssyrianandEgyptianscribe; the man-artist who transforms the sign into significance, testimony, document, file, memory. The prehistory of writing and, together, its projecting into futuristic graphic and pictorial solutions.

Paolo Repetto

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