Silvano Repetto, useless performances

  • Past
  • 15 February - 8 March 2019

De Primi Fine Art is pleased to announce the exhibition Silvano Repetto, useless performances. Silvano Repetto is an artist who loves to play with art like an acrobat. He presents his performances, which he himself defines as useless, like moments of everyday life transmuted to a new dimension with a pinch of madness and poetry. As a circus artist, he accompanies the viewer in his visionary world, without the will to provide any intellectual interpretation. His playful visions are born of a sudden inspiration that he fixes through instinctive images, often taken by makeshift means. With his artistic game, Repetto wants to create amazement in the spectator, bringing him back for a moment to the innocence of childhood. Silvano Repetto expresses himself by way of performances, multimedia and the most traditional artistic means. He has received several awards and his works are part of various international collections. He also works as a director and producer.

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