THE BOMB. Photographs 1946-1970

  • Past
  • 5 February - 8 March 2016

De Primi Fine Art gallery is glad to announce the opening of the exhibition «The bomb» on Thursday, February the 4th at 6 pm. The show will be open until March, the 8th 2016.

We will present about 35 photographs of nuclear tests done by the US Army in remote places of the Pacific or in the desert, from 1946 to 1970, seventy-one years after the tragedies of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Death and Transfiguration, the documentation of evil by means of an aesthetic testimony. Forgetting the heinous act and the terrifying reality, there is no doubt that the mushroom clouds are beautiful. Immense smokes in the form of jagged columns, in the boundless temple of heaven; white clusters of ionized gases; wonderful sculptures of radiated light; fireballs adjoining the bread shaped steam. Supernatural flowers of soft ceramic, toxic fumes of a uranic chimney, huge shockwaves compressed in milky clouds; irregular ampoules of nuclear spume. All of them are proof, testimony and document of the human and military folly. Forms, metamorphosis and colors of a beautiful and atrocious mushroom.

(Text by Paolo Repetto)

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