Gino D’Antoni

- Selected Works
- Biography

The sculptor was born October 3, 1954 in Montevago, Sicily. At the age of five years he emigrated to Switzerland with his parents and his three younger sisters. His father worked as a laborer at a factory in Piotta, in Leventina Valley. He spent his childhood in Ambrì where he attended primary schools. First he follows a mechanical formation of precision; later, after a practice than six years as a volunteer rescuer, he becomes nurse. Since 1988 lives in Bellinzona and carries out his profession as a nurse at Lugano’s prison La Stampa. Since his youth he cultivates the passion of painting and sculpture. His works has been successfully exhibited  in various locations in Switzerland and abroad. Since 2006 the organizers of the prestigious musical event Lugano Estival Jazz, supported by the Corriere del Ticino, chose one of his sculptures to be assigned as a lifetime achievement award to a deserving musician.

In 2013 thanks to a collaboration with producer Peter Keller, he published a book of testimonies and photos of his artistic career and life.

- Exhibitions
  • 2015

    De Primi Fine Art, Lugano

  • 2012

    Centro Civico, Arbedo

  • 2011

    Dazio Grande, Rodi-Fiesso
    Osteria Grotto Malakoff, Bellinzona

  • 2009

    Galleria La Cantina, Muzzano
    Galleria Il Pozzo, Bellinzona

  • 2008

    RSI, studio J. Marti, Lugano

  • 2007

    Conservatorio della Svizzera italiana, Lugano

  • 2006

    Galleria Studio Medico Dentista Dr. C. Milano, Lugano - Pregassona
    Farmacia Teatro Dr. F. Montalbetti, Bellinzona
    Carrozzeria Faro, Lumino
    Banca Migros, Bellinzona

  • 2005

    Galleria Studio Medico Dentista Dr. C. Milano, Lugano - Pregassona
    Galleria Studio Medico Dentista Dr. G. Carenini, Ravecchia

  • 2004

    200° Polizia Cantonale, Giubiasco

  • 1990

    Galleria Studio Medico Dentista, Dr. G. Carenini, Ravecchia

  • 1989

    Galleria Fisioterapia Baudino, Lugano

  • 1988

    Arte e Solidarietà, Locarno

  • 1987

    Ristorante Arcobaleno, Olivone

  • 1984

    Concorso Nazionale di pittura, Wädenswil ZH

  • 1983

    Concorso Nazionale di pittura, Wädenswil ZH

  • 1981

    Galerie Tuchfabrik, Wädenswil ZH

  • 1980

    Mostra Mondiale D'Arte, Crescentino Italia

  • 1979

    Klostergarten Galerie, Einsiedeln SZ
    Galleria Cademi, Ascona

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